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PopUpPlay's Puppet Film Festival

Calling all kids and families! 

Design and film an original puppet show for submission in PopUpPlay's very first Film Festival.


  • Do you have a story to tell?

  • Are you great at creating characters?

  • Want to try designing a great set with props?


Submit your puppet show video by September 15, 2024.  Select shows will be shown at our Film Festival during Playfest at Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philadelphia on September 22, 2024 from 1-3. 

There will be multiple awards given and there is a small cash prize for the winning entry.

Entry Guidelines

  1. All films should be under 5 minutes long and submitted as a digital file or as a link to YouTube/Vimeo. 

  2. This is a festival for kids and their families so Puppet Show teams must include at least one person under 18 to be eligible for the contest.

  3. Be creative about what constitutes a puppet, you can use hand puppets (homemade/store bought), shadow puppets, finger puppets, Lego, paper, even food!  What's important is that your show brings them alive! 

  4. Shows must be appropriate for a wide audience of kids.  Please avoid cursing, violence and 'scary' content.


Parents and Guardians please enter the film fest by clicking below.   

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