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Let PopUpPlay create an unforgettable virtual event or event series for your classroom.  We're bringing rich educational and engaging opportunities into your classroom or into your students' living rooms.  Every event is customized to align directly with your classroom's level, learning goals and curricula. 

PopUpPlay can work within any existing school approved platform or we can provide our own meeting link.  We will facilitate themed interactive activities with your classroom. Children will be able to talk to each other and participate in real time. 

Check out our events below and then click Book your Classroom Event to book a single event or custom package. Our basic package starts at $200 per event and includes 50 minutes of programming for approximately 20 students. Bulk packages and customization are available.  PopUpPlay will also design custom school-wide events including virtual field days and virtual fundraisers. Let's Talk.

Pick your Subject

STEAM Skills Events

Chameleon on a Branch

The World of Insects and More

This event includes time for live animal viewing, talks with an animal specialist, and interactive activities. Educators can choose 6 animals that they want to see and learn about out of our list of available educational animals (snakes, chameleons, insects, arachnids and more). Together The Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion and PopUpPlay have designed an informative and engaging experience customized for each class.

Miniature Golf Balls

Maker Space

with PopUpPlay

Apply STEAM principles that you're exploring in class with our MakerSpace event.  Students will enter our virtual invention lab and use available household materials to solve building challenges and invent amazing solutions to puzzles. Puzzles and build challenges are customized to classroom curriculum. Examples include: Make your own Mini Golf Course, Design a Rube Goldberg Machiene, Construct an Air Powered Car, Build a 3-D puzzle and more. 

Yellow Slime

Let's Make Slime

with PopUpPlay

Gooey, stretchy and so messy! Students will make slime and slime related gooey recipes! This event can be customized for slime experts and novices.


Scientific Artist

with PopUpPlay

Art and Science go hand and hand!  In this event we'll explore the science of art. We'll explore virtual artistic science using available household materials. Get ready to explore new kinds of printmaking, homemade watercolor, make a giant star, create a robot and complete basic scientific reactions.  

Image by Karen Maes

Exploration in Clay

Professional sculptors will lead your class through a customized air dry clay project. A teaching artist will lead students step-by-step through the project using a few simple materials and techniques. The Clay Studio and PopUpPlay will build an event that directly connects with your students' learning goals.


Fantastic Forts

with PopUpPlay

Your class will build the ultimate blanket fort. Together we'll explore different building techniques and structures. Students will share ideas and each child will create their own blanket fort. We'll show off our structures and hangout in our hideouts.  

Image by Eric Nopanen

Make Music

with PopUpPlay

Design your own musical instruments! In this flexible session students will create several different kinds of musical instrument using commonly available household materials. Students will learn about the history of each musical instrument and practice refining the sound to play simple music. Instruments include a guitar, bottle band, flute, drum and more.

Social Emotional Learning and ELA 

Sharing Student

The Science of Kindness

with PopUpPlay

What does chemistry have to do with kindness? We'll find out in this exciting and eye opening session. Students will leave this session with do-able, tangible ways to support their fellow classmates and build community. Through surprising science demonstrations they'll learn why each time you go from bystander to upstander on behalf of someone else you begin a powerful transformation of your community. (And Bonus, they'll learn some harmless (but oh so cool) chemical reactions!)

Image by Elias Castillo

Finding your inner superhero

with PopUpPlay

Do your students know that they have superpowers? In this interactive session young people will design a superhero identity and go through a series of 'superhero training' games and activities to find out how they can go from bystander to upstander and support their friends, classmates and community! In this multidisciplinary session appropriate for classes focusing on P.E., SEL, STEAM and ELA they'll explore their ability to make a difference in the world. This session is customized to align with school curricula.  

Digger and david.jpeg

Puppet show and workshop

with Digger and David Puppet Company

Digger and David's engaging storytelling, zany blend of jokes and magic tricks will entertain your students. After the fast-paced show PopUpPlay will facilitate a puppet making workshop customized for student age and interest.

David Hutchman, a treasured Philadelphia performer known by generations of children and their families for his work at the Please Touch Museum, and his pal Digger the Dog are throwing a birthday show just for your child and their friends! Together Digger and David and PopUpPlay will facilitate the full party experience.

Puppet Strings

Shadow Puppetry

with PopUpPlay

In this multidisciplinary event students will explore the STEAM concepts of light, shadow and transparency with the world's oldest form of puppetry. Shadow puppetry emerged from China, India and Indonesia and is recognized by UNESCO as a form of intangible cultural heritage.  We'll make amazing paper shadow puppets and put on a creative virtual show using only household materials. This event has serious WOW factor and can be scaled for children in grades 1-8.

Physical Education



"Tumble into Fitness with National Kids Gym! In this Physical Education focused event, we'll get our hearts pumping and our bodies moving with a focus on basic gymnastics skills. This interactive event will introduce balance exercises and gymnastics principles to keep us active the whole time! We will use household items to create our own personal gym - pillows to roll on, a blanket to create a balance beam, and much more. National Kids Gym is a mobile gymnastics program that brings the gym to you!

Asa living.jpg

Fitness and fun

with AsaLiving

AsaLiving Fitness and Fun’ sessions are offered for children of all ages. Sessions are carefully crafted to help children build age appropriate foundations of functional movements and development of motor skills (eg run, jump, pull, push, throw, climb & lift). We incorporate games, props, and design activities (e.g. obstacle courses) to get kids moving and bond with peers!

Kids Running

Field Day

with PopUpPlay

Let's move! PopUpPlay will design a series of non-competitive and safe virtual field day activities for your classroom.  Activities can be mapped to curricula themes and school themes.

Create Your Own


Children in Science Class

Design Your Own

with PopUpPlay

Don't see exactly the right event here? 

Fill out our 'Book Your Event' interest form and PopUpPlay will work directly with you to design an event or group of events that fit your student's needs and budget. 

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