Virtual Birthday Parties

Let PopUpPlay create an unforgettable virtual party for your child's big day.  We're partnering with Philadelphia's coolest organizations to bring custom parties right to your living room. PopUpPlay will facilitate an amazing online party complete with time for children to play games with their friends, complete a craft and watch the performer of their choice. 

Invited guests will log on to our private virtual meeting at the scheduled time.  PopUpPlay and partners will facilitate themed interactive activities with your child and their friends. Children will be able to talk to each other and participate in real time. Party packages include either Printable Party Favors by Nimble Craft or a Party in Box for each Virtual Birthday Party guest.  

Pick a Party Theme

Digger and david.jpeg

The Digger & David Birthday Show

This zany blend of jokes, magic tricks, help from the birthday child and general folderol is perfect for celebrating your child's special day!

David Hutchman, a treasured Philadelphia performer known by generations of children and their families for his work at the Please Touch Museum, and his pal Digger the Dog are throwing a birthday show just for your child and their friends! Together Digger and David and PopUpPlay will facilitate the full party experience.

Watch our video preview of a Digger & David Birthday show.

Boy Playing with Blocks

Build It

with PopUpPlay

Who can create the tallest tower? Design a rocket that can carry us to Mars! Quick create a vehicle that can transport a whale from the Aquarium back to the ocean!  In this party we'll combine your child's interests (Dinosaurs, unicorns, wizards or space... we can incorporate all of their favorites!) with quick building challenges.  Party guests build with lego, blocks, books, cardboard boxes, and even the occasional couch cushions. This is a fast paced engaging party that works for active guests.

Kids in Technology Class

Maker Space

with PopUpPlay

Is your child an Inventor or Engineer? Book our MakerSpace party to experience our virtual invention lab. Party guests will use available household materials to solve building challenges and invent amazing solutions to party puzzles. Party puzzles and build challenges are customized to the birthday child's age and interests.

Yellow Slime

Slime Party

with PopUpPlay

Gooey, stretchy and so messy! Party guests will make slime and slime related gooey recipes! This party can be customized for slime experts and novices.


Storybook Ball

with PopUpPlay

Calling all imaginative kids! Bring PopUpPlay into your home for our Storybook Ball.

Party guests will raid their closets and come to this party as their favorite characters. We will tell stories, play games and even make wearable costumes, castles or books in this hands on party.  This party is customized for each birthday child based on their interests.


Scientific Artist

with PopUpPlay

Is your child a mad scientist at heart?  Get ready to harness that energy with our Scientific Artist party.  

Art and Science go hand and hand!  In this party we'll explore the science of art. We'll explore virtual artistic science using available household materials. Get ready to explore new kinds of printmaking, shrinky dink making and basic scientific reactions.  

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Solve a Mystery 

with PopUpPlay

PopUpPlay will design a customized mystery party for your child!  We create mystery scavenger hunts with a variety of themes (Superhero, Wizards, Lego, and even Unicorn! Party guests must collaborate to solve the mystery and find the birthday child's gift or cake!

flag fort.jpg

Fantastic Forts

with PopUpPlay

Your child will build the ultimate blanket fort with all of your friends. Together we'll explore different building techniques and structures. Party guests will share ideas and each child will create their own blanket fort. We'll show off our structures and hangout in our hideouts.  

Flower Shadow

Shadow Puppet Party

with PopUpPlay

Explore the power of light and shadow with the world's oldest form of puppetry. We'll make amazing paper shadow puppets and put on a creative virtual show using only household materials. This party has serious WOW factor and works well for kids ages 5-15.


Superhero Party

with PopUpPlay

Come to this party dressed in your best cape and mask! Secret identities, scavenger hunts, invisible ink, and build challenges make this an action packed party.

Colorful Balloons

Design Your Own

with PopUpPlay

Don't see your child's ideal birthday party here? 

Fill out our 'Book Your Party' interest form and PopUpPlay will work directly with you to design a party that fits your child.


Did you already have a party scheduled that had to be cancelled? 

PopUpPlay is still looking for additional party partners.  Put us in touch with your original party vendor and we'll try to collaborate on a fabulous event. 

Pick a Party Package

Rainbow Cake
Basic Party

30 minute party for 10 guests ($8.00 per additional guest) 

PopUpPlay Party Games 

PopUpPlay Craft or Partner Performer

Happy Birthday song with a virtual cake and candles

Printable party favors

Cost: $250 

Deluxe Party

60 minute party for 10 guests ($16.00 per additional guest)

PopUpPlay Party Games

PopUpPlay craft or Partner Performer

PopUpPlay Party in a Box (includes party treats, decorations and favors for 10 guests delivered to 1 address) 

Happy Birthday song with a virtual cake and candles

Cost: $350

Balloon Dogs
Ultimate Party

60 minute party for 10 guests ($25.00 per additional guest)

PopUpPlay Party in a Box (includes party treats, decorations and favors delivered to 10 guests) 

PopUpPlay Party Games 


PopUpPlay Craft

or Partner Performer


Happy Birthday song with a virtual cake and candles

Cost: $450

Planning your party

PopUpPlay has found that virtual parties are best with a small group of friends. We recommend inviting 10 friends or less for an experience that feels personal. All attendees will need access to an internet connected device with a webcam like a cell phone, tablet or computer. 

Still have questions?  We've got answers.  Fill out the Book Your Party Interest form and we'll set up a time to talk.