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PopUpPlay's Virtual Study Abroad Series 

Join PopUpPlay's Worldwide Play Series and your child will:  

  • Build friendships with children living all around the globe

  • Learn about new places and find common ground with others

  • Share the best parts of their community with the world. 

Each week children living in a broad network of countries gather to participate in live play-based virtual sessions. This project offers children the opportunity to build ongoing international friendships and networks bringing the world into their home. Experienced educators serve as guides for families throughout the six week world tour and local organizations in each featured country facilitate shared experiences. 

Old Globe

Series Preview:

Explore the world with us beginning March 2021: Featuring visits to Islamabad, Pakistan, Mumbai India, Brussels, Belgium and Philadelphia, USA. 


Worldwide Play Sessions: Children will play together every Saturday for one hour beginnig at 10:00 AM New York time for six weeks. Upcoming cohort dates include: March 13, March 20, March 27, April 10, April 17 and April 24. 

Challenges: Each week families will be challenged to respond to PopUpPlay prompts.  They will share elements of their communities with other enrolled families through video, recipes, games and more. Participating in weekly challenges is a requirement of the program.

Caring Child

Session 1: Welcome Party

It's orientation

Let's get to know each other! In our first session together we'll learn more about each other and about how we'll work together to create the Worldwide Play community.  Bring your imagination!

Red Poster 2

Session 2: Shadow Puppet Stories in the USA

We know you've got a story to tell!

We'll explore the ancient art of shadow puppetry and perform original stories. We'll unleash your creativity with some basic supplies.

Image by Xavi Cabrera

Session 3: Building in India

Build with Sunday Bricks

Bricks are a favorite worldwide! Today we'll learn about Mumbai, India during some exciting building challenges.  Sunday Bricks is an STEAM based educational program based in Mumbai. Check out their work here

Image by George Evans

Session 4: Walk of Wonder in Pakistan

Discover something special outside!

Use your powers of observation to explore new places! We'll learn about Islamabad and find common sites in our own communities. 

Image by Orsolya Vékony

Session 5: Finding Giant Trolls in Belgium

Thomas Dambo's Trolls are hiding in the woods of Belgium

Let's visit these amazing creatures in Belgium and try our hand at building  our own mythical creatures at home.


Session 6: Share a Snack Closing Party

Let's celebrate!

We'll prepare new foods, learn new dances and play games in our closing party.