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PopUpPlay is ready to play. We are known for creating amazing Festivals of Play that transform spaces for thousands of children, youth, schools and families.


Below are just a few of the ways we can work with you to create big playful events. We customize all of our large scale experiences so be sure to fill out the 'Book Your Event' form. We're looking forward to playing and planning together.


Community Festival

Are you as passionate about the power of play as we are? We will work with you to plan an amazing event in your community.

We connect our festival themes to your community. Fill out the 'Book your Event' link to play and plan together.

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Field Day

Sack races, water relays, tug of rope, castle ball, stuffed animal catapults and more. PopUpPlay takes classic games and creates an amazing day of fun for schools, summer programs and communities. 

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The Kid's Zone

Let PopUpPlay plan and facilitate the Kid's Zone at your community event.  PopUpPlay will help you create unforgettable memories for families.  You pick the theme and we'll plan the fun. Fill out the 'Book your Event' link to play and plan together.


Fantastic Forts

Did you ever design a fort or hideout? PopUpPlay will bring all the supplies needed for families to create their own temporary forts.


Make Your Own Mini Golf Course

Together kids and families will design their own mini-golf holes and then play a round of golf! Families will use recycled materials for the build and real golf clubs and balls to play.

Castle Creation.jpg

Giant Cardboard Build

What can you make with some strong tape and recycled cardboard? Castle, vehicle, spaceship, robot, costume or haunted house? PopUpPlay will help you make your ideas a reality with our themed cardboard builds. 

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