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What's your favorite way to play?

Hand games like the Rockin' Robin game below have been played for generations and are still popular all over the world. PopUpPlay is setting out on an adventure to learn them ALL!

This year we got really excited about how connective technology like zoom allowed us to come into the play spaces of families living on different continents. We want to expand that work by learning from you.

Meet Botly, PopUpPlay's robot friend. He is going on the ultimate road trip. Our goal is to send him all around the globe. Botly's adventure will help us to build a library of play ideas and experiences. PopUpPlay will track his progress and document the amazing games and ideas he finds, but it will be up to you, your friends and your neighbors to send Botly farther and farther afield.

Join the adventure by hopping over to our Worldwide Play page, make your own copy of the robot and share your favorite games and activities with the world.


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