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Being Playful is Brave

Did you know that play takes a surprising amount of vulnerability, risk taking and bravery- especially for adults? Watch this short clip to see what we mean.

Watching this video I:

  • Shared the parent's initial awkwardness... play with a random group of strangers... uggh my stomach hurts!

  • Was energized when I heard the children's creative and hilarious prompts for their parents. "Whack the orange with the umbrella..."

  • Felt joy when the group relaxed and followed their children's lead.

  • Loved the connections that built for families when parents said yes.

Are you brave enough to build play into your day? Try this one strategy to keep imaginative play building and growing:


Did you hear all of the playful ideas the children in this video rattled off? Think of imaginative playtime at your house as an improvisational theater class. Employ the rule of Yes and...

Check out what we mean:

Be Brave:

When an idea pops out of your child's mouth pause before saying 'maybe later' or 'that's silly' and challenge yourself to try a YES and...

Push away the nervous feeling or the worry about time and model for your child that you are brave, you can be vulnerable and silly and that you care about them and their ideas. It'll be fun! Promise!

Send us a note or leave a comment so we can see how play is thriving at your house.


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