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You are a superhero

We are on the cusp of a return to playing in person. I know that soon we'll be running, painting and giggling in all kinds of environments. PopUpPlay will be bringing many awesome events your way in the coming weeks. It's gonna be great!

But before we start again-- we're taking a huge deep breath and celebrating our superpowers.

Did you know that over these long months you've become a superhero? Take this moment to celebrate. Put on your capes and take a moment to fly.....(That goes for our playful families all over the world too- many of whom are still neck deep in the terror of this pandemic.)

Take a moment to be superhero proud because you:

  • Supported your family financially and emotionally

  • Fiercely defined your family's own rules of being

  • Fostered children's education in unprecedented ways

  • Kept going and supporting family and friends as you and they lost vital essential people that made lives brighter

  • Made so many meals (or kept take out restaurants in business)

  • Became fluent in new technology

  • were so, so, so, so tired, but you got up and put one foot in front of the other. You kept going

  • bravely carried fear and endured lack of control over previously controllable parts of your life each day

  • reinvented how you spent your time and how you earned money

  • Took endless deep calming breaths so that you could be somebody for someone important in your lives.

Fierce friends you have superpowers and you deserve nothing short of a city-wide celebration. As isolated as we have all felt this year, it is time to reach out, reconnect and to give each person you see a huge hug (virtual or in person), smile and cheer. Show them you see their superhero skills.

We see you! Now, let's celebrate... To Infinity and Beyond!!!!

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